The 75+ Storytelling Collective

web2A creative storytelling project with city housing tenants aged 75 and over; using the historical Nairn Street Cottage as ‘home’ for the project, and as an inspirational starting point, participants will be supported to reflect on and share histories, experiences, cultural identities, ideas and beliefs; participants will craft the telling of selected stories that will be captured on film and audio and compiled into a documentary that will become a permanent exhibition at the new Nairn Street Cottage Visitor’s Centre.


This project represents a unique 3-way partnership between:

  • City Housing
  • Wellington Museums Trust
  • Voice Arts Trust

City Housing will promote this unique opportunity and identify participants from within the tenant community.Wellington Museums Trust has provided Nairn Street Cottage as a home base for the project and will exhibit the final film on site at the visitor’s centre. Voice Arts Trust will lead the development of this project and manage the delivery.