We are now able to share with the big wide world this beautiful short film we made last year with a group of 30+ older actors. The film explores experiences of belonging and not belonging.

48 Hour Film Festival

Our fabulous Newtown Social Drama group gave themselves an extra challenge by taking on the 48 hours film festival. It was a busy and thoroughly joyful weekend.

Global Premiere

Our latest short film is ready to be seen and on Tuesday 30th November we are hosting an online webinar to premiere the film, hear from the actors and the director. “The Echo Made Me Smile” captures a collection of devised performances from a 25 strong cast of elders exploring the theme of Belonging.

Screen Play

A project to support older people to connect, create, play and develop from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Moving from the stage to film

Our tenant drama group has begun a years focus on film. Following three successful devised performances the group was up for a new challenge, learning how to work in front and behind the camera. They’ll be supported to create their first short film which will premiere for the wider tenant community in December.

Empathy and Understanding – Film Project

Following the success of our social housing radio drama project in partnership with Radio New Zealand, we are continuing to explore themes of diversity: celebrating and embracing difference with social housing tenants in a new film project supported by City Housing and the Office of Ethnic Communities.

‘Those Who Care’ Film Project

Those who care2We are working in partnership with Ryman Healthcare to create a short documentary style film with staff exploring, from their perspectives, the intimate relationship between caregiver and patient. A relationship dictated by necessity, complicated by cultural, ethnic and religious difference, but so often deeply compassionate.

He Aha Te Utu – Film

ww1oneLast year we successfully toured our devised theatre production ‘He Aha Te Utu’ a play that explored the role of women in WW1. Now go behind the scenes with this short documentary. Hear from the women involved in the project and the creative directors. Click here to watch. Many thanks to Duncan Brown at Vertical Studios for your generous support!