Moving from the stage to film

Our tenant drama group has begun a years focus on film. Following three successful devised performances the group was up for a new challenge, learning how to work in front and behind the camera. They’ll be supported to create their first short film which will premiere for the wider tenant community in December.

Empathy and Understanding – Film Project

Following the success of our social housing radio drama project in partnership with Radio New Zealand, we are continuing to explore themes of diversity: celebrating and embracing difference with social housing tenants in a new film project supported by City Housing and the Office of Ethnic Communities.

Community Weavers

We are excited to begin a new storytelling and performance project in The Hutt celebrating the work of community weavers: the people and organisations who work to connect people to support, to services, to their neighbours, and to each other.

Peace – a Girl’s Perspective

In partnership with Wellington East Girls’ College we are creating a new devised theatre work exploring peace from the diverse perspectives of a multi-cultural group of 14/15 years olds. Starting from the personal we look out to the local and the global. This production will premiere on March 8th International Women’s Day, at Te Papa.

‘Those Who Care’ Film Project

Those who care2We are working in partnership with Ryman Healthcare to create a short documentary style film with staff exploring, from their perspectives, the intimate relationship between caregiver and patient. A relationship dictated by necessity, complicated by cultural, ethnic and religious difference, but so often deeply compassionate.

Theatre Experiments

DIY TOMThe DIY collective, a social housing tenant drama group, are embarking on their third creative project with Voice Arts Trust. The group will be delving into a range of theatre practices from mime to Shakespeare.  Photo courtesy of Tom Yu Kong.

Composing and Singing at Te Omanga Hospice

20150911_155909Claire has been working with staff from Te Omanga Hospice to help compose songs that can be sung as a welcome, farewell or celebration. “You are a musical inspiration and you managed to pitch things just right for the group. You were so flexible when we went off on our musical musings and you guided us like a true facilitator. A perfectly pitched workshop.” If you would like a song based project created especially for your workplace, group or organisation please get touch!